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All licenses cost except for small game licenses are included with the cost of the hunt.

  • Black bear licenses are either sex​

  • Caribou licenses are male only

  • Moose licenses can be either sex OR male only.


Our local guides are very knowledgeable, competent professionals. They are fully licensed by the provincial government. Most of our guides are solely employed in the outfitting business - working all year long. They have anywhere from 10 to 50 years experience. The owner/operator is the head guide and guides full time with his clients.


They are very experienced in caping and meat handling to ensure that your animals are well taken care of when harvested.





Butchering arrangements can be made for you when you decide exactly how you would like   to have your meat processed. Meat is then vacuum packed and then in styro boxes, which are placed inside waxed cardboard boxes. These containers meet International shipping codes.


If you choose we can move your trophies to our local taxidermist to have your mounts done. The shipping to the taxidermist is free of charge.


Shipping of meat, antlers and capes are done by overland using freezer tractor trailers. Your shipment is guaranteed frozen when you receive it.

We no longer fly meat, antlers and capes due   to the excess cost and the high risk of spoilage. Since we started overland shipping several years ago, we have not lost or had spoilage on a single shipment.

Shipping permits are provided and completed free of charge.

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