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We would recommend that you drive to the Island by going to North Sydney in the province of Nova Scotia and getting the ferry to Port Aux Basque, Nfld. The telephone number for Marine Atlantic is 1-800-341-7981. This enables you to carry a lot more gear and eliminates meat shipping  cost as you can transport it yourself. Proper meat shipping boxes can be provided for you if you wish for a small fee.

Driving Instructions: Once you are off the ferry in Port Aux Basque take the TCH and drive East for 161kms to Route 480. Here you will make a right turn and drive 55kms to a gravel road. Take the gravel road for 44kms and you will arrive at camp. There is a large 4x8 foot sign at the camp.


Flying is also no problem. You can make arrangements from most major airports to fly into Gander, Nfld.. There we will meet you and transport you to our camps and then back to Gander at the conclusion of your hunt. We recommend that you fly in on Saturday and make arrangements to fly out on Monday as we offer a (6) six day hunt and making a Sunday flight may be difficult as we are 3 1/2 hour drive from Gander.

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