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About this Package

Fishing season is open from May 17th - August 30th and we offer spring and summer fishing trips ranging from May 24th weekend to Labour Day Weekend.


Big land locked salmon and brook trout (mud trout) are the types of fish that can be caught in Red Indian Lake. We fish using  boats that are 16-18-22 ft. long. Large boats used on bigger lakes and small (16ft.) used in the back country secluded areas.

This package time frame is customizable to what you would like. Timing ranges from one day/night onward. This package is all inclusive with meals and lodging. The camps can hold up to 16 people and if you have a group of 8+ a camp can be reserved for just your group!

Central Newfoundland has some of the largest fish on the island. Contact us today for more information and book your fishing trip with Notch Mountain Outfitters!

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