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At Notch Mountain we hunt Woodland Caribou and their body mass is 25% bigger than Barren Ground. This moose/caribou combination hunt is a great hunt because of the differences between the two animals. Due to moose moving in the mornings and evenings, and caribou moving all day long, it allows you to hunt both within the same day. 

Average weight is (400 lbs)(180 kg) for males; (300 lbs)(135 kg) for females. Height of about (3.5 - 4 ft)(1.05 - 1.2 m). Antlers may spread up to (5 ft)(1.5 m) wide.

Notch Mountain's success rate on Caribou is

80% to 100%.

About this Package

This 6 day hunt includes:

  • breakfast 1 hour before daylight,

  • trail lunch prepped and packed, and

  • evening meals served upon return to camp.


The level of intensity for this guided is customizable to allow clients with physical restrictions to enjoy their hunt. If you, or someone in your group, has physical restrictions it's important to note that road hunting from a truck and/or Argo is legal in Newfoundland.

For hunters that tag out early on their big game, the guides will make arrangements to take you small game hunting (snowshoe hare, grouse or partridge). There is no extra cost except for this hunt excluding the small game license needed and Beagles and English Setters are used for this. If this is something that interests you, make sure you bring a shot gun with you. 

Transportation while Hunting

- Walking

- Pick up Truck

- 8 Wheel drive Argo

- Boat

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