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Newfoundland's black bear are considered to be the largest in North America. Our bear population has also seen a large increase in the last few years to the point now where you can harvest (2) two bears on the same license and they can be either sex.

Average size is approximately 5 ft (150 cm) long, with shoulder height varying from 3-4 ft high (100 to 120 cm). Adult males weigh about 200-300 lb (90-136 kg) although weights of more than 640 lb (290 kg) have been recorded in bears.

We have harvested bears over 600 lbs and many over 400 lbs. It's very common for our largest bears to be taken over bait.

We have several bears harvested now that have gone in the Boone & Crocket Record books.

NOTE: We don't have color phase bears ONLY BLACK.

Notch Mountain has a 80% success rate on Spring baited bear hunts and 80% success rate on Fall spot and stalk hunt.

Transportation while Hunting

- Walking

- Pick up Truck

- 8 Wheel drive Argo 

- Boat

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